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What we do

We help our clients realise their architectural inspirations. With experienced and seasoned architects and engineers on our panel, we map out the blueprints accurately, propose realistic budgets and layout achievable timelines.

Having done a variety of domestic, commercial and multi-residential projects throughout Victoria, we have a diverse portfolio.

Domestic projects

Construction of architectural designed homes, extensions, renovations and restoration projects.

Commercial Projects

Shops, offices and restaurants fitout and commercial developments.

Multi-Residential Projects

Townhouses, apartments buildings, and unit developments.
Phase One

The Design


Project Catch up

You talk, we listen. Once you get in touch, James and Alberto will catch up with you to go through project dreams, goals, discussions and planning. Our Encore Intent Agreement contract will allow us to assist you in developing a concept plan and costing to suit your budget.


Build the Dream Team

If you do not have any concept plans or architectural drawings at this stage, we will help bring your hopes, dreams and desires to life and transfer it from your brain to paper. You can select among many well renown Architects and designers that we work with, depending on what your tastes are. In addition, we will provide the best consultants that suit your project.


Concept Designs

This will start to give you a real visualization of your vision and will make up the framework of your dream home. At this stage, you, our team and the architect or designer will work in collaboration to ensure we contain costs while delivering your true vision.


Cost Estimates

Next, Alberto will begin preparing your Detailed Costing. We’ll let you know when he’s begun working his magic, so you remain informed throughout. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have, every step of the way.


Specifications & Finishes

During that time, you’ll work with our Interior Designer, who will help you make all the aesthetic selections for your project. By carefully selecting each aesthetic aspect of your home, you’ll help us create a fixed-price contract with zero variations.

Phase Two

The Price


Preferred Trades Pricing

Once the design is finalized, we can now request accurate quotes to subcontractors and suppliers that are part of the Encore Projects Dream Team. They have been working for us for many years and not only will they help fine tuning the price, but they will provide useful insight before and during the construction of your home.


Preferred Trades Schedule

Our Dream Team will be also able to provide reliable lead times and deliverables, allowing all the part involved in the construction to confidently and accurately schedule your project and offer you a reliable timeline. Scheduling is integral to understanding the implications of delivering your project.


Encore Initial Price Proposal

Once everything is ready, we will compile ALL this information to deliver our first proposal. Although it’s extremely accurate, the first proposal is still just a benchmark. If it meets with your approval, we can move straight to Contract Sign (Step 10). However, if it falls outside your budget, we’re happy to rework it for you.


Price Revision & Resubmission

If the initial proposal didn’t meet your budget, don’t worry. Building plans are rarely designed to budget, so this is very normal. Together, we’ll consider how we can vary your project to meet your needs, for example, by staging the build or substituting one material for another. There are many variations we can work with, and we’re happy to walk you through them all.

Phase Three

The House


Head Contract Sign

When you’re happy with your proposal and ready to go ahead, we’ll prepare a fixed-price contract for you. We use a Master Builders contract written in plain English (no “legalese”) so it’s easy to read and understand. We’ll also go through the contract with you and answer any questions you have.


Road to Site

After you sign your fixed-price contract, Jan, our office manager, will organize all permits and insurances needed to get started and Rhys, our site supervisor, will start taking care of the construction site. We’ll take care of all the boring stuff and leave you free to concentrate on the exciting bits. And then, we always like to celebrate this moment all together with the Breaking the Ground Ceremony.


Constructing Your Home

We can now start building your home. We will be maintaining a transparent and structured communication with you all the way. We will send Weekly Site Progress reports (including pictures, letting schedule, consultants RFIs, etc.), Monthly Project Financial Reports (including Claims, Extra Works, Balance, etc.) and Finishes and Authorities Matrixes with all the up to dates from subcontractors and suppliers.


Handover Ceremony

We all made it! After our quality assurance checks the house is complete. Now we can celebrate the day that we have all been working together for: the Handover. We will be organising a Ceremony where we will give you the keys of your house and the Handover Manual where you can find all the warranties and instructions to treat your home the right way.


Encore After Care Program

Our support doesn’t end when construction is completed. In addition to our Standard Builder Insurance, you can be part of our Encore After Care Program that allows our clients to contact us and all our contractors and suppliers for any urgent concerns you encounter during the first year. This means that, like many other clients, you are now part of the Encore Projects Family.

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